I started out with electronics in high school, building light organs for my friends, but then school ended and I had to go out and get a real job. I worked at refinishing antiques for a year, until they closed the shop down, then I got a job working on a dairy farm, I stayed there for two years, then decided it was time to move on. My next job was at a plastics factory, that lasted all of a month (I hated it), then finally ended up with an apprenticeship in sheet metal, doing residential and commercial heating/ventilation systems, which I did for the next 20 years, I took a few years off and worked in an electronics parts supply outlet, and then moved to Revelstoke and started a Hobby Store, but the market just was not here, so after a couple of years I had to close the store, I sold the house and bought 10 acres in Nakusp, and now I am back doing heating/ventilation and reno work.

All the while, I still kept up my interest in electronics, building little projects, and fixing odds and ends. I started in with computers in the mid '80s with the IBM XT and the Commodore Amiga, the Amiga also got me into MIDI, after awile I had picked up a keyboard and a couple of sound modules, and needed a way to switch between them, so I started looking around for a midi patchbay.A friend of mine was managing a local music store so she checked around for me, but the only stuff she could find was about $400, I couldn't afford that, so I dropped the idea of getting one. A little while later, I was reading one of the Amiga magazines I had, and it had a schematic for a midi interface, I looked at it and thought," if I change this..and add that", low and behold, I built my first 3 in 4 out midi patchbay, I then went to a 4x4 (which a buddy of mine is still using) and then to an 8x8, which I am still using. During the same time period, I picked up some old analogue synths, and restored them to like new condition and resold them for a tidy profit, and I have been doing that ever since. I have also started doing some small prototype work for people who "needed something to do this" some of these are on my projects page. At the moment I am working on some new robots, and I am also experimenting more with high voltage projects such as Jacobs Ladders, Tesla Coils and Van De Graaff generators, I have also become addicted to modular synthesizers.

Well... I think I have ranted on enough about myself for now, so thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of the site.