Dual Gate delay

2 independent delays, they can be ganged together in which case you still have 2 delays, but they both get their timing from the delay1 pot. There are two ranges of delay

x1 = .01-1 second

x10 = .1-10 seconds

The range affects both delays the same. You can also chain them together, use delay 1 to trigger delay 2, for over 20 seconds of delay! Each delay can also be set using an external control voltage, the delay time is proportional to the CV. The CV inputs will accept 0-5v, the cv inputs are also overvoltage protected.

Delay times can be customized by changing a few variables in the programming. A 5v signal on the input triggers the delay, at the end of the delay time, the output goes to 5v, the output stays high for as long as there is a signal on the input.

I have since eliminated the cv input on the panel, as I have found no real use for it, it is still on the pcb, so if you want to include it, you can.

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