The Kaypro II Preservation Page

(Or how to get the F*****G thing to work)


It can be a bit tricky to get these old beasts running, all the software is readily available at a few different sites on the 'net (including here) the big problem is getting it onto a disk that the Kaypro can read. There are a few things you will need in order to acomplish this.

- An older computer running MS Dos 6.22 (they may work under Windows 95/98) Does not work under Windows 2000 or up.

- A 360k 5.25 floppy drive(1.2 meg floppy drives will not work) and a standard 3.5 - 1.44 meg floppy drive- A couple of boxes of 5.25 DSDD 360k floppy disks (DSHD disks will not work)

- The files and programs can be found HERE unzip them to a 1.44 floppy, you will have 3 directories 22Disk, IMD, Docs

Now the fun begins, the first thing you need to do is make a disk that can boot up the Kaypro. Install the ImageDisk and 22Disk programs on your Dos 6.22 computer (just copy the entire directories over)

To run the ImageDisk program, at the C:> prompt type

C:\CD ImageDisk

When the program first comes up, you will have a white screen, this is the Help screen, hit the esc key, you should now have a pink screen.

Type "S" to get the Setup screen (you have to do this every time to start the program)

Change Drive to "B"

Change Cylinders to 40

Change Sides to ONE

Change Double Step to OFF

The rest can be left as-is.

Press the esc key to go back to the main menu.

Now press "W" to write a disk, place your disk in the B drive, select the Kaypro1.imd file, this will give you a Kaypro boot disk.

Use the same procedure to make disks of any of the other .imd files