Here are a few of the modules I build myself, I will be making most of them in Dotcom format, and a few in Frac.
I have all the parts and prototype PCB's and am in the process of assembling and testing them.

Midi To CV Converter - I am using a PAiA MidiCV8 in a custom panel.
Dual Inverter - 2 independent inverters on one panel
Dual VC Delay - 2 voltage controlled gate delays on a single space panel
4 In by 1 Out Mixers - 4 inputs summed to 1 output, each input has it's own attenuator.
Utility LFO - Variable wave shape with 2 variable speed ranges
VC Clock - The clock portion of the Aries Clock Sample&hold module
Power Entry Module - Panel mounted switch and fuse, with LED indicators for each power rail
XR-LFO - LFO based around the XR2206 function generator
6 Operator FM - Multi oscillator FM module
MS20 LFO - LFO based on the Korg MS-20
Buffered Multiples - Multiple with buffered outputs
Reverb Driver - Driver for small reverb tanks
VC Delay - Voltage controlled delay with 4 modes of operation
CV Keyboard - Contole voltage keyboard with bender and modulation
Low Pass Gate -
Inverter/Glide -
Quad LFO - 4 Basic LFO's on one panel
Ring Modulsator
Sample & Hold
Signal Processor
Transistor Ladder Filter - another Moog clone
Power Supply - A few different power supply options.