These pages show some of the small robots I have built


This one is a walker based on the BEAM robots bicore

It uses a 74HC244 for the bicore and another one for the motor driver, the servos have been gutted of their electronics

This little guy is my test “tank”, the track section is an old Rad Shack toy R./C tank, I gutted all the electronics out of it, and mounted a small solderless breadboard on it. The circuit that is on it now is the same as the next robot, except on this one I am using the TC4424 motor drivers, the original 4xAAA batteries underneath the tank are powering the Pic, while the 9v battery sitting on top is powering the motors. On this one I am using “feelers” instead of a bumper, I haven't got the eyes hooked up on this one right now,
notice the power switch and speaker hanging from their wires.
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