Servobot is an autonomous robot I designed as a platform for experimenting with different controller inputs.

This is the final version of my servobot, it is a two wheeled robot driven by two modified servos mounted to the underside of the bottom platform. The main circuit board (the top platform) is mounted using 1" standoffs, the standoffs extend below the bottom platform, so that they can also be used to mount any other sensors you may want to use. The robot is controlled by a PIC16F628 microprocessor, and has connections onboard for 4 servos, it also has 2 LED "eyes"up front, and an onboard buzzer. Power for the PIC is supplied through a 5v regulator, power for the servos comes directly from the battery. The connectors up front consist of 2 sets of power connectors (5v) and 8 I/O connectors to the PIC. There is also a prototyping board for testing your own circuits.

The Robot was designed to accept different controller boards such as infrared or ultrasonic object detection, ultrasonic range finders, or line following modules can be used in place of, or in conjunction with, any other module. Two of the servo headers are used to drive the wheels, the other two can be used for anything you can think of, such as a claw to hold objects or a swivel platform for a camera.

The pictures are not the best, so I have to sell a few of these so I can get a better camera !

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