The Pic Workstation

The Pic Workstation was designed for prototyping and testing programs for Microchip's family of Pic Microcontrollers, it has everything the average hobbiest would need to design and test their own programs, here are some of the features included in the Pic Workstation.

- 5v power for the Pic
- Variable bipolar power for external components
- 2 Potentiometers (3 in the next version)
- 2x16 LCD Display
- 9 pin serial port TX/RX
- Buzzer and speaker
- 8 LEDs / 2-3 pin servo headers / 2 motors
- Infrared emitter and detector
- 2.25 x 6.75 solderless breadboarding area

- Midi IN/OUT 5 pin DIN sockets (MIDI IN is opto isolated)
- 2 N/O on-(on) pushbuttons / 6 N/O off-(on) pushbuttons
- 1 SPDT on-on toggle switch / 1 SPDT on-off-on toggle switch
- pushbutton quick connects to all on board components

I have also written a small manual for beginners programming with PicBasic Pro, The Pic Primer