Emax / Emax SE / EmaxII

I'm not going to give a complete rundown on the Emax on this page, there are othe sites that have all that information, this page is for posting some information that is not on the other sites, and for my own stuff.

I have a fairly large library of Emax files, I have an EmaxII 8mb Rack, and an Emax SE Plus keyboard, I have taken all the 1 mb samples from the EmaxII Elements of Sound CD's, and saved them as compressed files that the Emax SE can read.
A list of the samples is HERE

Emax / Emax SE Sample CD

I have compiled a cd specifically for users of the original Emax or Emax SE, it contains-

147 samples, converted from the Elements of Sound CDs, they are saved by name and by ZD# in emx format for floppies, and in bank format for copying to hard disk, zip or flash drive, with EMXP
.PDF files of the manuals.
The EMXP program and manual.
Programs and files required to upgrade an Emax to an EmaxSE.
EmaxSEHD and EmaxPlus operating systems.

Download the CD.iso file HERE

Emax / Emax SE SCSI Upgrade

It is still possible to upgrade the Emax / Emax SE with SCSI, which will allow you to add an internal hard drive, zip drive or CF drive, I have an internal Zip drive in my Emax SE, and boot from it, I found it was quieter then the internal hard drive.

I know a few people that have CF drives in their machines, but so far I have not been able to get one to work with mine, it only works with the Acard 7720U SCSI to IDE bridge card and is very picky about what CF adapter and card you use.
Installing the upgrade is not for the faint-of-heart, it requires cutting traces on the motherboard, and soldering in jumper wires, you also have to remove one ic socket, and replace it with a larger one, I have done a few of these now, so for me it's not to bad, although some of the parts required are becomming harder to find.

I am always looking for other Emaxes, working or not, if you have one you would like to sell, email me.

I also have an EmaxII with 8 megs, I have installed a SCSI to IDE bridge card and an IDE compact flash adapter, it is mounted in the back of the EmaxII so the CF card is accessable through one of the rear vent slots.