This is a fire control system I designed for an acquaintence who does pyrotechnics for movie effects and fireworks displays (he never did come by to look at it)
The control box has 2 banks of 9 "shots" each, they can be set to fire automatically (the speed is adjustable) or manually one at a time. It has a keylock for power on, and a two button firing system. It also has a continuity circuit that runs on 2.1v/20ma which is enough to light the continuity LED, but not enough to set off a squib. The controller automatically resets to 0 when the fire buttons are released, so if you are using it in manual mode, you have to hold button 1 down until you are finished your sequence.
By using different breakout boxes, you can use the controller to run anything you want such as
- standard terminal blocks for firing squibs directly (shown)
- a relay box to control lighting FX etc.
- a triac output box for high speed switching of ac voltage devices

I am working on another version that will run on 18 volts (this one is 9v) and will have 6 banks of 9 shots and another one that will have 10 banks of 9 shots that can be semi /fully automatic or manual, whether or not I ever finish them will depend on my finances, and if anyone is interested in them.