8x8 Midi Patchbay

This is a project that came about because I was in desparate need of a midi patchbay, but at the time they were few and far between, (this was in the early '90s) and when I finally found one, they wanted $400 for it!!, I couldn't afford that. then one day I was reading one of my Amiga computer (remember them?) magazines, and it had an artical on how to build your own midi interface, as I was looking at the schematic, I suddenly realized that I could modify it to make my own patchbay. I started out with a 3 in 4 out, then went to a 4 in 8 out (which a friend of mine is still using) and finally to an 8 in 8 out, which I am still using. I put the 1&8 inputs on the front, and the rest are on the back, each knob on the front panel represents an input, that can be sent to any of the 8 outputs, the LED gives visual indication of which inputs are active.