Here are a few of the guitar pedals I have built
(now I just have to learn to play guitar)


This one sounds like the MXR Distortion +, but with a bit more bite
Smooth clean distortion.



Fuzzball +

This one is similer to the Colorsound Supa Tone Bender, but with an extra transistor to overdrive the input, this one will give you everything from a mellow fuzz sound, to that down and dirty Neil Young sound.



I call this one "The Cat's Ass" (actually, Pat called it that, but I like it), this is the same circuit as the Fuzzball, but with an added multimode filter, you can select between Hi Pass/Low Pass/Band Pass, or any combination of them. You can switch the filter cutoff frequency to be controlled by the foot pedal, this one can give you anything from a tinny radio sound, to the ultimate in grunge. I am currently working on an updated version of this one, I'll post pics and specs when it is done.