Korg Poly61 Rack

This is a project that came about because of a lack of parts, I had a near mint Poly 6 - minus a keyboard - and a mint Poly 61 with the midi retrofit in it. Now since they both used the same keyboard, and because the Poly 6 was worth a lot more than the Poly 61, I decided to take the keyboard out of the Poly 61 and put it in the Poly 6, which I then sold. Now I had this Poly 61 with no keyboard, but it did have midi, so I decided to build a rack case for it, I had to stack the circuit boards one on top of the other in order to fit them all in the box, and I had to change the connectors and lengthen the cable that joins the two main boards, but I got it all in, and it works fine, making a front panel that could utilise all the original controls was a bitch (read "lots of filing") with all those square holes, but it turned out pretty good. One these days I'm going to redo the front panel, and have it powder coated black with white silkscreening.