Welcome to The Dragon's Lair

I set this site up to showcase some of my many interests and hobbies, and to give some of my friends a place to post some of thier own stuff. The projects page shows some of the electronic projects I build. I have built some prototype mods for the DK Synergy keyboard . I have also started to build and program midi pedals and small robots using Microchip's Pic Microcontrollers. I have also designed the Pic Workstation to help design and test pic programs, and wrote a beginners guide to pic programming using Melabs Picbasic Pro, The Pic Primer. I had a small hobby store up here, but the market just was not there, so now I have a LOT of supplies for my own projects. I am currently working on some more robots and I also picked up some plastic skulls c/w eyeballs, that I am going to animate. I am also building a Van De Graaff Generator and a couple of Jacob's Ladders, I'll try and get some pages on them up soon. I am also in the process of building an analogue modular synthesizer

Here's where I do most of my tinkering

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